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it had to be done

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"I hate when people do that, when they change gender of other people’s songs. Not your song to do that mate, is it?"

Nick Grimshaw, after praising George Ezra for staying true to the lyrics in his cover of ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ (via clipsandstuff)

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a dudebro goes over to the frankenstein place and says “ugh, heavy makeup and fishnets are such an unattractive trend.” tim curry screams “I DIDN’T WEAR IT FOR YOU” and kills him with a pickax and then everyone eats him


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An important purchase

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Cookie Monster asks the most important questions of our time. [x]

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The rental house had a small door in one of the closets
Led to the inner linings of the house
I’ve seen enough movies to know what not to do

I’ve seen Coraline enough times to know not to fuck with that.


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